• Specification: 16hour / 32hour
  •  Color : silver white/pear white/red /purple blue
  • Voice control recording: Four-recording modes for quality selection(24K tone,16K tone, 4.K tone, 16K tone), the longest recording time is 1840 min. , MP3 enjoy music, Voice reading-after · With clock function (can indicate hour/min for 24 hour), timing alert and recording function.
  • Transmission via USB or serial port
  • Recording function for telephone conversation
  • Built-in high-sensitive microphone and speaker
  • Two same units allow information transmission to each other and resource share
  • Measurement: 105mm*29mm*16mm
  • Net weight: 30.5g

  • Hand- held model. So easy to opperate.
  • Immediate response to metal parts.
  • Simple push button operation.
  • Clear audiable alarm and visual indicator.
  • Silent indicator feature.
  • Chargeable or dry battery operated.
  • Rugged construction.