• It is specially designed for installation at schools, Hospitals, and other applications where Broadcasting and Audio-Video Monitoring is required simultaneously.
  • It is an essential system for the modern methods of teaching in schools and room monitoring of patients in Hospitals. Our system has been to enable the Principal/Hospital Warden to control all the class rooms or Wards of the school building /Hospital.

  • DVAMBS Used For...
  • Announcement to any individual ,a group or all the stations
  • Relaying recorded lessons /speeches to rooms.
  • Contacting a particular room and getting back information.
  • Recording of conversations for enforcing discipline/patient monitoring
  • Recording of teachers lectures/attendants behavior so as to enable the teacher/attendant to overcome deficiencies.

  • The Salient Features Are...
  • DVAMBS is based on DIGITAL Switching Technology ,unlike electromechanically in conventional broadcast systems. this make the systems very compact, easy to manage and maintain.
  • DVAMBS has the unique feature of permitting announcement and monitoring to be made from other locations with additional Master Control Module only.
  • DVAMBS is capable of operating in five different modes.
  • Audio Monitor Mode: for listening the conversation at station.
  • Video monitor mode: for live video monitoring at station.
  • Address Mode: for making announcement at any particular station.
  • Group Address Mode: for making announcement to any group of stations. Any number of stations can be selected.
  • All call Mode: to address or playback recorded message to all the stations simultaneously.